10 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber Now

Do you know the signs of a bad plumbing system? Our experienced plumbers in Gainesville want you to be aware of the top 10 signs of a major plumbing issue so you know when it's time to call a plumber. Leaky faucets can often lead to an increase in your water bill, so it's important to be aware of the warning signs. One of the first signs of a plumbing problem is slow drains. If left unchecked, this can lead to leaks and water damage, dirty and stagnant water in your home, water stains, and sewage accumulation.

If you turn on a faucet and hear a rattle, gurgle, or knock, usually from behind the wall, it's a sign that you have a plumbing problem. If you're alone at home with all the water-consuming appliances turned off and you check that the water meter is working, it means that you have a water leak somewhere in the system and you should call a plumber to locate and repair the leak. We have fixed many homes with foundation repair needs and have helped facilitate the necessary plumbing repairs. However, what you may not know is that it may actually be indicative of a more serious plumbing problem.

These plumbing problems may also make you think you have a foundation problem as well, but in reality it's just an isolated plumbing issue. If left unresolved for too long, this could lead to not only a plumbing problem but also a foundation problem under development. Low water pressure can be frustrating, but a professional plumber can help resolve the problem quickly once located. This could be close to where the supply lines exit through the foundation and go to a device or in a very random location, not near a plumbing fixture.

The plumber goes out and tries to use a “rotor” to clean the drain pipes and make them flow properly, but it doesn't work. Whether the problem has been identified as a problem in the drain line or in the supply line, plumbers must be able to reach the point of rupture, misalignment, or separation of the line to properly reassemble and repair it. You may not immediately realize that your plumbing problem is due to an underlying problem (pun intended) in the foundation, especially if this is your first time being repaired. Let's take a closer look at these common signs that your plumbing problem could be related to needing foundation repair. The main advantage of building a tunnel under the house to access plumbing repair sites is that interruptions in the house are minimal and all repairs are done underneath and outside.

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